Jonah Bey is a Fraud

From his scaminars (Scam Webinars), to his false claims that he will get the people to the promised land and get us all our money stored in our SSNs, all of it is a bunch of bull**** that will get you locked up or broke or both. He claims he has proof of success yet never produces it and is a master of arguing and misdirecting conversation. It’s time to expose the truth. We will now expose the truth about who he is, as well as the information he is charging hundreds and sometimes thousands for. After you review this information for free, make the right decision going forward.

He Claims he worked for NASA and has degree in Engineering.

BackGround Check Says That’s a Lie !!! (see below)

Jonah is a thief and a scam artist. We are just some of the many he has lied and taken countless thousands for with empty promises of freedom, sovreignty and becoming rich like he supposedly is. Challenge him and he is a master of avoiding proof of his claims. He’s also a master of arguing and deflection. Well, its time to expose him for the fraud he is.

He says he owns his homes…. That’s a Lie.

Let’s now take a look at his background check… He claimed on several occasions to have a degree in Engineering and work for NASA. hmmm….

He claimed his home is in a trust, but it’s in his wife’s name. He charges hundreds, if not thousands for seminars and documents that get you nowhere. There are some that have gone to jail and some who have almost gone listening to this fraud. His response to everything “They didn’t do it the way I taught them.” Time to start exposing these processes.

Name change and nationality BS

Let’s take a look at the claim that his name was changed and that his nationality case was granted. Read the next document closely… Hmmm…

Scaminars, and Processes that will get you locked up…

He claims the super injunction works. It never worked. We also have testimony of someone going to jail for using it. You can try this garbage if you want, but it will land you behind bars….

Part 1:

Part 2:

Do the following and you may wind up behind bars.

This is not the way to do your passport app. He is selling this information and many people are falling for the bait. Stop the madness…

The plan is to sell you a false hope, a dream – processes that won’t work or will get you locked up so you can’t expose him…. He then takes your money and posts on instagram how rich he is and how people should be like him. Then rense, then repeat….

Trust Scaminar

The scaminar below is being sold for hundreds of dollars and is another example of the lengths someone scamming people will go to in order to get paid.

Part 1:

Part 2: